Print Driver - Step 2 - Adding your documents

Learn how to add your documents when using the print driver.

There are 4 steps to go through to create your print driver order.

Step 2

This print driver will now show you details of the document that you are printing.

The box on the right hand side will now display:

Document name 

The name input by you, or the automatic reference allocated by Docmail.


Backgrounds are used for graphics that you would like to add behind the first page of your document. 

Uses include letterheads or adding company information to each uploaded document. 

Print margin (3mm) 

Docmail needs to add this border so you should ensure that you have no text in this area. If there is text it will be cropped off. Do not change this setting unless you need to avoid scaling on your document e.g. if it includes barcodes or if it will be used for optical scanning.

Click on ‘Add documents’ at the top of the page to upload additional documents, either from your computer or from your library. The documents available in your library may include any envelopes that you have saved.

When selecting an outer envelope or reply envelope to add to your order, you will be shown all of your available designs on screen. 

If you do not have any saved designs for these in your Docmail account, the option will not be available.

When you have added all the documents that you want to use on your mailing click on Next or on ‘Add addresses’.

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