Print Driver - Step 1 - Choosing your mailing options

Learn how to optimize your mailing options when setting up a print driver.

There are 4 steps to go through to create your print driver order.

Step 1

Select a Product - This must be an A3 folded sheet or an A4 letter.

If selecting an A3 product, the file must be supplied as A4 individual sheets, in the correct order so that Docmail can paginate these for you.

Please note that if you select A3 as your product type this will only allow one A3 folded sheet for each mailing.

Profile A profile is a selection of saved options that you have previously set. You may, for example, have one profile that you use for all your single-sided black and white 1st class letters and another for all your colour 2nd class multi-page letters. 

Choosing ‘blank mailing’ will allow you to create a brand new profile. 

Choosing ‘previous mailing’ will use the options chosen on your previous mailing through the print driver. 

If you have saved profiles you can choose to use one and all the settings for the next steps of the mailing will be pre-loaded for you, saving you time. 

You can save a profile to use on future mailings by clicking on ’Save Profiles’ at the last step of your mailing, when you have viewed your proof, and before and after you have submitted your mailing. 

You will not be able to save a profile against an order that has been cancelled. 

Re-selecting the same profile will reset all current settings back to the original profile’s settings.

Mailing name 

You can give your mailing a name to identify it. The Print Driver will add a default mailing name from your filename if you do not wish to add your own. 

Mailing description You can enter a description of a mailing to help you to identify it. This is optional. 

Delivery services Choose standard delivery if you want the lowest prices or first class at an additional cost. 

You can also select Dotpost against A4 orders. Dotpost is a secure online document hub where users can securely view and manage their letters and documents. If you are registered to use Dotpost and you tick this box your addressees who are signed up to receive Dotpost documents from you will get their documents electronically via Dotpost; your other recipients who are not signed up to receive Dotpost letters from you will get an additional page in their letter (free of charge) inviting them to sign up. If you tick this box and you are not a Dotpost user you will be directed to an online application form and your application will be considered by the Dotpost team at CFH. 

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