Print Driver on a different screen?

Learn how to view your print driver page.

This will mainly happen if you are working from home using a work laptop with 1 screen, the work laptop is usually mirroring your work computer screen, this error will happen when you have more than 1 monitor on your work computer but only 1 monitor on the laptop.

When this happens, your Print Driver window will show up in the task bar but when you click on it, the box does not seem to open.

This will be because the Print Driver screen is popping up on an additional screen that you can’t see. This will also cause Docmail to appear frozen.

A quick fix for this is hovering your mouse over the Docmail icon displayed in the taskbar and pressing shift and right-click on the mouse at the same time.

A small window will then pop up, you’ll need to select ‘Move’.

Next you will need to click the upwards arrow on the keyboard until you see the Print Driver. 

The Print Driver page will now show up on this screen you dragged it on when you next print to the Print Driver.

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