Print Driver - Merge Mode - combine documents into one file

Learn how to combine multiple documents into one single file using Print Driver Merge Mode.

Merge mode allows you to combine multiple files using the Docmail file combiner into a single document which can be printed directly through Docmail. 

We would recommend using Merge Mode if you are using a system which creates a new file for each individual letter in your mail merge or if your system sends smaller batches when completing a mail merge. 

Merge Mode may also be used to combine files which are sent from separate systems. 

To enable merge mode please click on the Options icon and select Enable Merge Mode

The next time you print to Docmail the file combiner will appear to allow you to combine your files into a single document.

You can switch the file combiner off at any time simply by unticking the ‘merge mode’ box.

How to combine your documents

Print your documents to the Docmail Print Driver and this will open the file combiner window.

If you are combining multiple files which are being sent from the same system please wait until all of your files have loaded before proceeding to the next step. 

PDF files can be dragged on to the Dashboard or combiner window to add them to the list of files that can be merged. 

If you are combining files from multiple systems please print the documents in the order you wish them to appear in mail merge.

You may amend the order of your documents within the list at any time by selecting the documents you wish to move and selecting the up or down arrow to re-position them in your list. 

Alternatively if a document is no longer required you can remove it from your list by selecting Delete. 

Once all of your documents have been printed you can select to merge all of your documents by clicking on select all at the bottom of the screen or select specific documents to merge by highlighting them within your list. 

Once you have selected the documents you would like to combine please click on merge.

You will be given the option to rename your merged document for your reference. 

Please enter a document name in the box as illustrated below and click on OK.

Please note: To ensure processing is efficient the combiner will display up to 1000 pages to combine into a single file. 

If the number of pages exceeds 1000 any further documents will be held in a queue ready for you to merge once the first 1000 have been combined. 

A total number of documents and pages are displayed at the bottom of your combiner. This includes any documents which are held in the queue. The ‘document displayed’ and ‘pages displayed’ confirms the number of items which are available to include in the current merge. 

The ‘documents selected’ and ‘pages selected’ confirms the number of items you have selected to be included in your current merge.

Once you have selected to merge your individual documents you will be taken to a preview of your combined document.

To view the order of the pages please use the arrows on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 

Cancel – This will cancel the document and return all of the documents you have merged to the document merge screen where you will be given the option to re-order the documents, delete documents or select other documents to include.

Save – This option allows you to save the document as a PDF to your PC .

Save & Print – This will allow you to save the document to your PC and print the document to the Print Driver for printing and posting. 

Print – This option allows you to print the document to Docmail for printing and posting without saving to your PC. 

Please note: If you are printing more than 1000 pages you will be returned to the document combiner screen to action any files which are in the document queue before the Print Driver steps are launched. 

Further to this, if any files remain in the file combiner when the merge has been completed, you will be returned to the merge screen to complete actions on these files (be it a further merge or deletion etc.) When the combiner screen is closed, any files which remain in this screen will be discarded.

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