Print Driver - Advanced Options - Step 3

Learn how to use advanced options on Step 3 of your print driver order.

Clicking on “Advanced Options” in the Add Addresses section of the print driver will offer additional fields. 

These options will not be needed very often. 

Document does not contain address 

Check this box if your document does not have an address. You will have an opportunity to enter a recipient address if your document does not contain an address. 

First line of address is full name 

Tick here if the first line of the extracted address is the recipients full name. 

Clear address area on printed output 

This will draw a filled white box around the dragged area. This allows a customer address to be printed in a different area of the page, captured and put in the correct place for Docmail and for the original address to be removed. 

Maximum lines to extract 

This controls the number of lines of text that will be pulled from the dragged area. The maximum is 7.

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