Print Driver - Step 4 - Print and Post options

Learn how to select your print and post options.

The Print and Post section allows you to choose how your document is printed.

Print options 

Tick the boxes to choose whether your letter is printed in black & white or colour, and on one (single side) or both sides of paper (double sided).


Choose a despatch date for your letters or leave the date as shown for despatch to take place as soon as possible. (The earliest date is shown.)

Docmail operates a next working day despatch if your order is placed Monday to Friday. Orders placed over the weekend or on Bank Holidays are processed the next working day. Orders need to be submitted before 5.00pm to allow next working day despatch.

For Dotpost the default is ‘Deliver on the despatch date’ meaning that documents are despatched at the same time as the physical Docmail mailing.

Envelope preference 

Select standard envelopes for the cheapest envelope option or alternatively you can choose between window envelopes or adding a custom designed envelope. 

You can choose from one of the following outer envelope options: 

Standard envelopes If you choose standard envelopes Docmail will produce your documents at the most suitable location for your output - for example Scotland output will be produced in Scotland. We will use either standard Docmail window or non-window envelopes as available at that location. 

If you select to use your own return address with standard envelopes then only non‑window envelopes will be used. 

Window envelopes If you choose window envelopes then Docmail will produce all your documents in window envelopes. 

Custom design envelopes 

Choose a closed face envelope (non-window) that you have designed online and saved to your library. These can include images, personalised text and your own return address.


When items cannot be delivered they are returned to Docmail. If returns are not managed then they will be securely destroyed. If you select returns to be managed then return addresses will be entered into the system before the item is destroyed and will be visible via the returns management page in the admin section. 

If you wish to handle your own returns then you can enter your own return address. 

Address panels 

If you are using a custom design envelope or a standard envelope with your own return address you can choose not to have an address panel added to your output document. 

For other options an address panel must be added to your document. 

If you are using a custom design envelope or using your own address for returns the options are:  

  • Add to output document 
  • No address panels 

If you select ‘Add to output document’ your document will have the address showing and can go into a window envelope. 

If you select ‘No address panels’ no address will be shown on the document. 

Envelope Design This will confirm the type of envelope you have selected, and if you have selected ‘Use own return address’ there will be a panel which will show the return address that is held in your account information. 

This can be overwritten if required. 

When you have completed the screen click View proof. 

A box will pop up warning you that you will not be able to change your document once the proof has been generated. 

You can Cancel if you think you want to make further changes or click on OK to proceed.

You will then be directed to the Print Driver dashboard where you can click on your created order to view the proof.

Saving a mailing profile

If you would like to save your profile, you can click on Save Profile where you will be prompted to enter a profile name. Saving the profile will allow you to use the same mailing settings on future orders. 

Approving your order

You will be displayed with a selection of samples from your mailing along with the mailing details and cost of the order. 

If you are happy with the proof click on Approve and submit. 

If you are happy to proceed, click on ‘Yes’ and your order will be submitted. 

The mailing status will be updated to ‘Submitted (Awaiting production)’. If you choose to cancel the order prior to production, it will then be cancelled on Docmail. 

If you do not have enough credit on your Docmail account you will need to top-up by going into “Enter admin” on your Docmail account and then “Top-up your account”.

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