Print Driver - Step 3 - Adding addresses

Learn how to use the print driver to add addresses to your order.

There are 4 steps to go through to create your print driver order.

Step 3

The blue box shows where the address panel will be added, unless you choose not to add an address panel as part of your envelope preference on the print and post step. 

If your address is not fully in the box, this is not a problem as Docmail can move the address for you.

Select the area where the address shows on your document by clicking and dragging across your address. 

The extracted text will be shown in the box ‘Extracted text using PDF’.

Page identifier logic 

You can input logic to tell Docmail what the first page for each mailing will be. 

Whole document to single address 

This extraction method should be used when your document contains only one recipient address. 

This can be used by the extraction method or add address. 

Fixed number of pages 

You can specify the number of pages each recipient will have in their envelope. Your document will need to have two or more recipients in it when using this method for extracting addresses. 

Docmail will display how many pages are to be sent to the number of addresses identified.

For example - If you had a 50 page document that contains 5 letters, each 10 pages long, then enter 10 as the number of pages. 

The pages for an A3 document must be between 1 and 4. The total number of pages including any additional documents must be either 3 or 4 pages.

Text match logic options

The ‘Text match’ logic options work by identifying unique words/phrases that only appear in a place that you designate on the addressed page of a recipient’s letter. 

This allows Docmail to identify the first page of each letter and split the file, even if different letters in your file have differing numbers of pages. 

When using this logic, it is really important to ensure that the words or phrases only appear on the first page of each letter and will appear within the area that you designate.

Text match logic options available are: 

Text Match using ‘Text begins with logic’ 

If the match text was “Welcome”, Docmail will search for all of the text in the designated area of each page and look for pages where the first word is “Welcome”. 

If “Welcome” is identified in this area, Docmail will class this as the first page of a recipient’s letter. 

Text Match using ‘Text ends with logic’ 

If the match text logic was “me” and logic option was ‘Text ends with logic’, Docmail will search through all the pages looking for this word to identify the first page of a recipient’s letter. 

Using this logic, if the word “Welcome” was the last word within the designated area it would identify this as the first page, however, the word “men” appeared Docmail would not class this as a first page.

Text Match using ‘Text contains logic’ 

If the match text was ‘lc’ and logic option was ‘Text match’ using ‘Text contains logic’, Docmail will search for ‘lc’ in the designated area. 

If it exists, this will tell Docmail that this sheet is the first page of the recipient’s letter pack. Using this logic, if the word “Welcome” was within the designated area it would identify this as the first page, as would other words such as “ulcer” and “velcro”. Therefore, you always need to be very careful using this logic.

After selecting a text match logic, click “Next” to designate the area that you wish to search on each page. 

Select the designated area for Docmail to search by clicking and dragging across it. 

A red box will show the area that Docmail will search within each page.

Please be aware that in some cases the text you are looking for may move from page to page, for example if you look for some text below the address panel it may move slightly if most addresses have five lines but one of your recipients has six. 

Always make sure that your box is large enough to take this into account without accidentally picking up unwanted text. 

If after drawing your search box you wish to amend the match text to look for, use the “Text to use in logic” comparison box to edit it. 

After you click “next” you will see both the total number of addresses extracted and the addresses themselves. It is very important to ensure that both are correct.

Address name prefix 

You can enter any text here that your would like to precede the address.

For example - PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL, For the address only, To the parent or guardian of.

Enter addresses 

Click “Enter addresses” to input addresses manually. Use this option if your letter does not have an address at the top. 

When manually entering addresses, you can specify how many pages each person has in their envelope. This can be done by changing the ‘Pages in set’ option. This will default to one. The ‘All remaining’ option allows you to specify whether the remainder of file belongs to one recipient once you have allocated/entered at least one address. 

When the screen is completed as required click “Next”.

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