How to copy a profile on the print driver

Learn how to make and save additional copies of a printer driver profile for quick and easy access.

To copy a profile over to another computer, we would recommend that you create a folder within a share drive that all the users have access to, so all the profiles can be copied and saved into this folder.

Once the folder in the shared drive has been created, you will need to copy your profiles from the below file path on file explorer:


You’ll then need to go to the folder titled ‘Profile’ which will then show all the profiles that have been saved within the user’s PC. From here you would need to highlight all of your profiles, right click and then select copy, these would then need to be pasted in the folder that you created in the shared drive.

Once this has been done, the users who wish to use the profile will need to go to the shared folder and copy the profile/profiles they would like to use. They’ll then need to go to the below file path on the file explorer:


The user will then need to go into the ‘Profile’ folder and paste the files from the shared drive.

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