Automate profiles on the print driver

Learn how to quickly automate profiles on the print driver.

To set an automated profile on the Print Driver, you will need to open up the Print Driver dashboard. This can be opened up by finding the Docmail Print Driver application on your computer and selecting it. Once you have selected it, the Print Driver will appear on your ‘Hidden icons’ on your taskbar. 

Please double click on the ‘Hidden icons’ and click on the Print Driver logo which will then open up the dashboard.

When the Print Driver dashboard has opened, you will then need to select ‘Options’ on the top right-hand corner. 

On options, there will be a ‘Default profile’ panel. You will see two drop-down options, the first one being ‘Profile’ and the second one being ‘Mode’. 

Please select your chosen profile on the first drop-down and on the drop-down below that, you will need to select ‘Automate always’.

The profile that you have chosen is now the automated profile on your Print Driver, meaning that when you next go to print to Docmail, the system will automatically run through all the steps, with no user interaction, until you check your proof.

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