Uploading your data intelligence files to Docmail

Discover how to easily upload and create your data intelligence mailings.

Once you have completed the data intelligence preparation, your documents will need to be uploaded to our Docmail system in order for your data to be processed. 

Firstly log in to your Docmail account or register for a new one if you haven’t already.

Adding a background template

If you use background templates for your corporate letterhead styles, you can add these to Docmail. 

This enables you to easily manage your letter styles and make sure all documents are produced with your corporate theme. 

For our example, we are going to add our letterhead template. 

Click on “Library".

And then select “Backgrounds”.

We then need to select the link “ADD NEW BACKGROUND”.

This allows us to select our background template for uploading. 

You can name your background template in Docmail.

Uploading your intelligent Word® File

Now we have uploaded our background template, we can create our mailing. Click on “Create Mailing”.

Select your product type.

Switch to Docmail advanced mode and select the option to turn “Data intelligence on”. 

Proceed to name and describe your mailing file if required.

On the next screen, click “UPLOAD TEMPLATE” to add a new file to our mail pack.

We can now select and upload our intelligent Word® file to create our mail pack. 

We also want to select the corporate letterhead background template we uploaded earlier to use as a background for the finished file.

Now we have our mail pack set up, we can click “Next” to move on to our data.

Uploading your intelligent Excel® File

Now it’s time to upload our intelligent Excel® data file to Docmail. Click the “UPLOAD” link in the Edit mailing list window.

Here we can select our data file, and click “Next” to upload.

Docmail will automatically recognise and assign your address fields. 

Please make sure the option “Add Custom Field” is selected next to your intelligent data fields.

Once you have validated your address list, select the required data intelligence template rule and the “Next” button to view your proof.

Proof approval

You can either view your proof online, or download a PDF version.

Once you are happy with your proof, click on “Approve” and continue with our payment instructions.

Your order is now complete. 




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