Pay for your order in the web service

Gain an understanding of the payment process in the web service and learn how you can pay for your order.

Your order can be paid for directly by credit/debit card, or you can pay from your account if there is sufficient credit balance.

If you choose ‘Pay from account’ the cost of the mailing will be removed from your Docmail top-up credit. 

Once the transaction has been completed you will go back to the Docmail home page. 

If you choose to pay by credit/debit card or top up, you will be directed to our payment partner to complete the credit/debit card transaction. 

Secure Trading is the UK’s leading independent internet Payment Service Provider and you can be assured that your payment will be processed on secure servers, using the most up to date encryption software.

As with any online payment service you will need to enter name and address details as well as credit/debit card details. 

All fields that have an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. 

Complete all the required information and then click on ‘Submit Transaction’. 

Once your payment has been processed you will see the message:


Thank you for your order.

Your order refence is xxxxxxxx.

You have now completed your Docmail mailing. 

If you wish, a copy of your invoice can be downloaded from the Admin > My Invoices section of your Docmail account, where your invoices are always available. 

A confirmation message from Docmail detailing the mailing will be sent to the email address set up on your account (unless you have selected to receive no email communication from us). 

Now you can sit back, relax and let Docmail do all the hard work. 

Your mailing will be printed, posted and delivered to you recipients.

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