Generating proofs

Learn how to generate specific proofs on your mailing

Docmail will create a sample proof output, usually from the first address in the mailing.

On the address page, if you wish to select a specific address to use for the proof then select '"Edit" on the address line and then select "Yes' from the drop-down list called: Use this address for proof.  

If you wish to use an address for the proof, but not include this address in the printed output, then select 'Proof only' from the list.

At the bottom of the address page you can also select:

Set Proof addresses, you then have the option to select:

  • First, middle and Last
  • Last address
  • Longest address
  • Longest custom data


Please note that the maximum number of addresses that can be used for a proof is 6.

It is not currently possible to download a proof of every document.

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