Designing Postcards

Learn how to add a creative touch to your postcards with helpful design tips and tricks.

The screens for creating a postcard mailing are similar to those for a greetings card. 

You can use your own image from your computer or use the images available on Docmail.

Please note that Docmail does not require crop marks on your artwork and these should be removed from your artwork before you upload it to Docmail.

Merge tags can be included in the document so that we can merge fields for you. 

For PDF documents tags must be in a form field. 


When you click to Design a postcard the following screen displayed is where you will choose the layout of your address - either on the left or right hand side.

Select the layout by clicking on it and click “Next”. 

Then double click on the layout preview.

You can click through the pages to see all the images available on Docmail, or click the link to upload your own image.

Docmail will show you a preview of the image.

When you have chosen your image click ‘Upload image’ and you will be taken to the next screen. Click to go to the next screen to write your text. You can rotate and crop your image. Click here to discard the order completely.

You can experiment as much as you like until you are completely happy with your design. 

You can click on ‘Discard’ and start again as many times as you like. 

When you are happy with your image click ‘Next’ to write your text.

Please note that if the font selected is not installed on your computer you will only be able to see the correct text format in the preview images. 

You need to make sure that all text that you type is shown on the screen. 

If you cannot see it on the screen then there is not enough room for the text, so you will need to reduce the font size or shorten your message. 


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