Creating Greetings Cards, Postcards, Envelopes

Learn how to design your cards.

When you select Greetings Card as your document you will see the options to design, upload or add a document from your library.

When you select postcard you will see a similar screen but with no options for envelopes.

Designing a Postcard / Greeting card / Envelope 

Greetings Card 

When you click to ‘Design a greeting card’, you can choose your layout - landscape or portrait; with or without a border.

You can use the search box to find a particular image.

The display shows which page of the card you are working on.

You can select from the dropdown to change the border and see available borders.

You can rotate and crop your images.

Docmail will show you a preview of the image.

You can experiment as much as you like until you are completely happy with your design.

When you are happy click ‘Next’, where you will be taken to page 3, which is the page that you can place your text.

You can make changes here by clicking on to the text or using the dropdown lists. 

‘To First Name’ is shown and the options in the dropdown list use the fields from address data. 

You can choose one of the options or enter your own text. 

Click on to the greeting area and you will be able to delete what is there and type your own text, or you could select a suitable message from the dropdown list given. 

Like the other boxes, you can click on the ‘From’ and use an option from the dropdown list which uses the data from your account, or you can enter your own text. 

You can use the other boxes to change the appearance of your text. 

Please note that if the font selected is not installed on your computer you will only be able to see the correct text format in the preview images. 

You need to make sure that all text that you type is shown on the screen. 

If you cannot see it on the screen then there is not enough room for the text and you will need to reduce the font size or shorten your message.

You can use the next, back and discard buttons to change your document, or you can go to the pages and elements using the navigation panel in the top left corner of the designer. 

Note that pages 2 and 4 cannot be amended here, except for the address font. 

Once you have made your changes click ‘Next’ and you will see the document preview screen.

You can click on ‘save document’ to continue. 

Or, clicking on ‘DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT’ will let you open the document in Word on your computer where you can make additional changes. 

When you have amended and saved your document in Word on your computer you can click on ‘UPLOAD MODIFIED DOCUMENT’. 

Note that once you have downloaded, amended and re-uploaded you will not be able to use the Docmail designer to edit the document again. 

When you are satisfied with your document click ‘Save document’ and you will be taken on to the ‘Edit greeting card’ screen which allows you to make some further changes.

Click ‘Next’ to go to the Add addresses screen.

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