Creating a Text Message

Learn how to compose an effective text message to communicate ideas quickly and efficiently.

If you are sending a text message simply type the message into the message box , or select a text message from your library. 

You can personalise your message using custom tags in it, or alternatively you can use the custom tag <> to add unique messages for each recipient from your address list upload. 

For the latter, you would need to have a column named ‘message’ on your spreadsheet that has the address data on, and fill in the message for each recipient.

SMS messages are limited to 918 characters.

If an SMS contains more than 160 characters additional text messages are used.

A message can be made up of 6 parts. A charge will be applied for each part. Each part has 160 characters for a combined total of 960 characters. However if a message is longer than 160 characters then 7 characters are used by the carrier to combine the messages so at most you will be able to use 918 characters.

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