Correcting addresses

Learn how to identify and fix incorrect address data to ensure it is accurate and up to date.

Postal surcharge addresses may sometimes have a greyed out tick next to the symbol. 

This means that Docmail can provide the suggested correct address from the Royal Mail website.

Please note that sometimes the suggested correction may not be the exact address you were looking for, so always check this before choosing to use the correction.

Clicking on ‘Edit’ next to the address will display this screen.

Enable autocorrect - Tick here to use the corrected address. 

Use this address for proof? Click here to use this address when a proof is shown.

Edit next - Click here to check the next addresses.

Finish - click here when you have completed your checks.

The other options available on the ‘ADDRESS OPTIONS’ are: 

‘SET PROOF ADDRESSES’ option allows you to choose which addresses to use on the proofs that are shown before you complete your mailing. 

‘SET ADDRESS NAME FORMAT’ takes you to the screen where you choose the name format to use for your recipients’ names on your printed document. 

‘DOWNLOAD ADDRESSES’ allows you to download the address list that you have downloaded as a spreadsheet. 

You may want to use this option if you have made address changes. 

‘REMOVE ALL ADDRESSES’ will remove every address that has been uploaded, leaving your address list empty. 

You will see ‘REMOVE THESE ADDRESSES’ if you have selected/filtered addresses from the list uploaded. 

When you are satisfied with your addresses, click ‘Finish’ to be taken to the ‘Print and Post’ screen.

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