Add addresses using our web service

Learn how to quickly and easily add addresses using our web service.

Once you have added your documents you can upload your addresses and mobile numbers. 

The upload process for mobile numbers follows the same flow as the address process detailed below. 

The options for uploading addresses are as follows: 

  • Upload them from your computer 
  • Enter them manually 
  • Add yourself as an addressee

Upload addresses 

Docmail will automatically recognise Spreadsheets (Spreadsheet, Open Documents and XML Spreadsheets), Comma Separated Values (.csv) or Tab Delimited (.txt) files. 

You can also use a custom delimiter or fixed length file. 

Select your file and then click on ‘Upload addresses’.

File contains column headers: Remove the tick here if your file has only data and no headers.

File format: Leave at automatic unless you need additional options such as a custom format.

Mapping: Select a mapping from your library or leave at automatic and Docmail will apply the last one used or bring up the mapping screen.

Click ‘Next’ to assign fields. 

Fields are assigned to define how your data files relate to Docmail address records. 

The mapping applied by Docmail is shown but you should check that the fields are mapped correctly and amend them if necessary. 

Merge tags can be included in your documents where you want us to merge fields. 

For PDF documents the tags must be in a form field. 

Based on the names of the fields in your file, Docmail will map them to the correct target field. 

If you need to change any field, click on the target ‘Map To’ dropdown on the ‘Assign fields screen’ to choose the field that you want assigned. 

If you have fields in your letter that are not standard Docmail fields, you will need to select a Custom Field or ‘add custom field’ by using the dropdown options.

Click the drop down to change the option if necessary.

Click ‘Next’ to select the address name format as shown on the next page.

Enter addresses manually 

Click ‘Enter addresses’ to complete the addresses manually. 

You will be taken to the screen to complete the address fields; other fields are optional and can be used if you have any other personalised information that you want to use in your letter. 

Click the options ‘Add custom field’ and ‘Add standard fields’ as necessary.

Complete all the details of the name and address in these boxes.

Tick the box if you would like to see a proof using this address.

Add custom field / Add standard fields - Click here to see the options to add fields not included in the address.

You will need to put the field name in the first box and your corresponding data into the second.

All the standard options are displayed when you click on ‘Add standard fields’. 

Click the field that you would like to add and the box for you to use will appear. Alternatively, you can click ‘Add all standard fields’.

Click ‘Next’ to select the address name format.

Add self 

Click this option to receive a copy of your mailing at the address that is recorded on your Docmail account.




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