Account Admin - Mailing Section

Learn how to easily manage your account with the Account Admin screens and all the features they provide.

The Account Admin screens allow you to do everything that you need to manage your account successfully; you can do things like see your invoices, add additional users to your account and set up your account defaults.

The ADMIN page is then broken down into four sub sections;

Mailing / User / Account / Corporate.

Let's look at Section 1 - Mailing.

The Mailing section has six selections: 

  1. Mailing

My Mailings - Clicking here will show all the mailings at any stage of the process, you can use the filter option at the top of the screen to filter by product, select a date range or enter search text to took for specific order reference or mailing name. Due to GDPR purposes, you will only be able to see your orders you have created within the past 28 days.

Click on the mailing icon to continue editing an order or to view details of a mailing that has already been submitted. 

The details you can see for each order are: 

Order - This is the unique Docmail reference for your order. This is what you will need to quote to the Docmail Customer Service Team if you have a query about an order. 

Price - This is the overall price of the mailing including VAT. 

Address count - This is the number of recipients within the mailing. 

Mailing name - This is the name you gave to the mailing. If you did not give your mailing a name it will default to the order reference. 

Status - This tells you what the current status is for each of your mailings. 

A list of status codes and symbols are detailed below. 

docmail tick

A green tick indicates an order that requires no further action. The order has been submitted and will be categorised using one of the following statuses:

  • Submitted awaiting production - Paid for and awaiting production 
  • Mailing in production - Mailing processed and in production 
  • Completed - Produced and despatched 

docmail further action required

This pink icon is to alert you that further action is required to complete an order. The status will reflect the last stage of the order you were working on. 

Please note that further steps may have been completed however the status will reflect the last screen viewed. 

Mailing options - Product type selected but no further steps have been completed 

Edit documents - Document selected or uploaded but addresses not yet added 

Edit addresses - Addresses have not yet been added 

Merge data entry - Account merge tags are not yet set 

Edit data intelligence - Data intelligence rules have been input but the addresses have not been added or have gone back to this step 

Print and Post - Print and post options have been input. Proofs have not been viewed 

Awaiting Approval - Uploaded and awaiting approval 

Approved - Approved but not yet paid 

docmail approved not yet paid

An orange ‘x’ indicates that the order has not been processed. This could be due to a user cancelling an order or due to an error. 

You can filter orders based on their status using the drop-down list on the top right hand side of the page or enter a merge mode to cancel, delete or submit mailings using a single click.

2. My Invoices - In ‘My Invoices’ you can see all your invoices for payments made to your Docmail account. 

Invoices are generated automatically by Docmail when a payment is made to your account. 

Clicking on the link will let you view the invoice as a PDF, which you can download or print. 

You will only see invoices for orders that have been paid for, or top-up’s you have made.

3. My Account Activity  - This section shows you all payment transactions that have taken place on your Docmail account.

You can see your Account balance and input dates to refine your search to see activity for a particular period.

4. Top-up account  - You can add credit to your Docmail account here. 

Choose one of standard amounts by clicking on the stamp symbols or enter your own amount and click the ‘Top-up my account’ link. 

Please note that it is not possible to refund top up monies once added, and top ups must be used within 24 months of the top up date.

5. Returns - If you use standard envelopes, or if your mailing is a postcard, you can choose to have your own return address shown on your mailing. 

Any mail that is undeliverable by Royal Mail, and has not got your return address on it, is returned to our site. 

You can choose to have these returns managed by us at an additional cost. Managed returns are recorded against your Docmail account with the reason for their return so that you can see which addresses have mail returned. 

When returned mail is recorded against your account you will receive a notification email. This screen shows you any postal returns, undeliverable text messages and electronic Dotpost documents against your mailings.

6. Reports

Search for reports to find out more.

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