Returned mail procedures

Understand the procedures for returned mail and how to ensure your mail gets where it needs to go.

Docmail offers a returns management service for all letters that are returned to us, meaning that any of your letters returned to us, we will inform you via your Docmail account. 

To choose this service simply select "Managed" in the "Returns management" section in "Print and post" stage when creating a mailing.

The charge for this service is 2p per letter mailed. 

How to view any items that have been returned

To view the return, you can login to your account and go to Admin>Returns (this is located in the ‘Mailing’ box on the admin page).  

Managed returns are recorded against your Docmail account with the reason for their return listed. 

This could be - Addressee unknown, gone away, address incomplete or refused. You will be notified of this return via email. 

You also have the option to view returns from other users attached to your account by ticking the box provided.

As standard, any letters that are returned to us, that aren't part of our returns management service will be securely destroyed.

Manage your own returns

You also have the option to include your own return address, which means that any returns will come directly back to you. 

This is an additional 1p per address. 

To choose this service simply select “use own return address” in the “Returns Management” section in the “Print and Post” stage, when you are creating your mailing.


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