Multiple address streams

Gain insight into how to create and manage multiple address streams

A multiple address stream means a group of documents that already have the name and address of the recipients on them. 

Each recipient could have a letter with a different number of pages, for example, Mr. Smith’s letter may be one page whereas Mr. Jones’ letter may have three pages. 

These can all be on the same file. 

Although the address is already on the letter, Docmail still needs an address file to validate addresses against the Royal Mail database for postage. 

On the address file you will need your standard columns of information, such as the recipient’s name and full address, but you will also need an additional column in the spreadsheet called ‘StreamPages1’ where you must put the number of pages that each person has on their letter. 

This will ensure that each recipient receives the correct number of pages to their letter. 

All the addresses must be in the same order as they are on your multiple address stream.

Multiple address stream - Add documents 

When uploading a merged file (multiple address stream) to Docmail you will need to access the advanced options by clicking to expand these. 

The multiple address stream document is uploaded as normal on the ‘Add documents’ screen and you must select the File contents as ‘Multiple address stream’.

Once you have uploaded your multiple address stream document click on ‘Next’. 

This will take you through to ‘Add addresses’ where the address file can be uploaded. 

Multiple address stream - Add Addresses 

Click on ‘Upload addresses’ to browse for the address file on your computer. Once you have selected the file click on ‘Next’; you will be taken to the ‘Assign fields’ screen where Docmail will show you how it has mapped the fields in Docmail. Your ‘StreamPages’ column should automatically map to StreamPages1.

Check the mapping and make any necessary amendments. If you need to change any field, click on the ‘Map To’ field drop down to choose the field you want assigned. 

Docmail will apply the address from your file onto your document unless you choose ‘No address panels’ from the ‘Envelope preference’ on the Print and Post screen. 

You can choose ‘No address panels’ only if you are using a custom design envelope or a standard envelope with your own return address. 

Other options will add an address panel to your document.

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