Learn how to set the required margins to your documents

Docmail will apply a barcode to the left hand margin on the front of each sheet of paper for all documents, so that we can put them into an envelope. 

We therefore recommend that your documents have a left hand margin of at least 1.5 cm; using a margin less than this may mean that some of your content gets overprinted with a barcode. 

You will be able to see the barcodes on your final proof. 

For any addressed letter, Docmail will apply the recipient name and address in the required position. 

The left margin that Docmail uses when it applies the name and address will be 2.54 cm. We recommend you use a margin of 2.54 cm on all documents which you intend to use as addressed letters to ensure that your text lines up with the name and address.

This makes your finished letter look much more professional. 

We recommend that you start your letter at least 9cm down from the top of the page, allowing room for the name and address to be printed. The address will be imputed into your document 4.5cm down from the top of the page. 

If you are including the name and address on the letter you are uploading and not relying on Docmail to input these details, we recommend using these margins to get the best print output for your document. 

If you do not want the address to be printed on your document you can select the option ‘No address panels’ at the Print and Post stage of your input. (This is only available with standard envelopes where you use your own return address or with custom design envelopes). 

To set the margins in Microsoft Word (2007 and later versions), open the document in Microsoft Word, and go to the Page Layout tab, click on margins and adjust the margins as required using a setting that has a 2.54 cm margin or using the Custom Margins settings. 

You can use the help section in Microsoft Word for more help on how to set margins.

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