Incomplete mailing

Learn how to find your incomplete mailings.

Have you received a notification that you have an incomplete Docmail mailing?

Simply log into your Docmail account: Docmail - Please log in (

Then click on “My Mailings”.

You can select the following options from the drop down:

  • All mailings
  • Approved mailings
  • Cancelled mailings
  • Not approved mailings
  • Outstanding mailings
  • Submitted mailings

You can also select the product type:

  • All
  • A3 folded sheets
  • A4 document
  • A5 postcard
  • Greetings cards
  • Text messages

Or search for an order number.

You can then select the incomplete mailing, and continue with the order or cancel the mailing.

You also have the option to use the mass update mode. 

This will allow you to mass delete, cancel or submit your mailings.

  • Update mode - Delete
  • Update mode - Cancel
  • Update mode - Submit 

My selecting one of these modes, you can can then simply click on the orders you wish to delete, cancel or submit.

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