Download your address / mailing list

Learn how to easily download a csv list of all your addresses.

As part of our web service you can delete or edit your addresses. You can edit your addresses to make sure they are suitable for postage and match the Royal Mail's postcode data base.

Once you have made all of your amendments, you can download your mailing list and save it on your own pc or device.

On the address page, you will see a list of your addresses.

At the bottom of the page you have the options to:

  • Correct all
  • Set proof addresses
  • Set address name format
  • Download
  • Delete all address

If you select Download, this will generate a zip file,  with a csv of your final address list.

You can only download your data up to 14 days after the order has been submitted. Your recipient data is then removed from Docmail. You can always see your order summary data, but not recipient data after this period.

For draft mailings and orders that have been approved but not submitted, the data can still be viewed, edited, deleted and downloaded up to 28 days. After 28 days the data will be deleted from Docmail.



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