Mail Packs

Discover new, cost-effective way to send mail with mail packs.

Once your documents are set up you can put them into mail packs. 

A mail pack is a group of documents that you want to send out together.

Another way to think of a mail pack is as the contents of the envelope. 

Setting up mail packs means that you can organise your envelope content in advance, making it easier and quicker to create your mailings. 

It is particularly useful where your mail pack contains multiple documents. 

Each mail pack must always contain at least one document, but can contain more. All the documents that you add must be the same type but you can add your own envelopes to the mail pack. 

You do not need to have documents set up and stored in order to create a mail pack. You will be able to upload these from your PC at the time. 

Once you have set up mail packs each time you create a mailing you can choose to use them.

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