Import Mapping

Learn how to effectively map data imports

Import mappings define how your data files relate to Docmail address records; they can be added, edited or deleted from this screen.

Docmail will automatically recognises Spreadsheet, Comma Separated Values (.csv) files or tab delimited files (.txt). 

Alternatively, you can manually select a custom delimiter or a fixed length file. 

You must ensure that each line of the file contains at least one address column and ideally the first row should contain column headers. 

You can click ‘Download Spreadsheet CSV template’ to download a template giving you all the fields you can use in Docmail.

You must give your mapping a name. The description field is optional.

Based on the names of the fields in your file, Docmail will determine what the fields are and try to map them to the correct target field in Docmail.

If you need to change any field, click on the ‘Map To’ drop down to choose the field you would like assigned. 

Once you are ready to proceed, click ‘Next’.

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