Docmail LIBRARY features

Discover how to use Docmail's library feature.

The library is where you can store files you use regularly in mailings within Docmail, saving you lots of time. 

If this is your first visit to Docmail you probably do not have any documents saved into your library. 

If you have used Docmail before, documents that you have set up previously will show on this page. 

If you already have documents set up you would come here to change them or add new ones if needed.

The Library includes: 


You can save your letters and other document types to your Docmail account so that you can use them again and again without having to upload them to Docmail each time. 

Mail packs 

You can save groups of documents that you often use together as a mail pack. Mail packs must contain at least one document but may have more. All the documents in a mail pack must be the same size, but envelopes can be included. 


These are templates containing, for example, logos or letterheads, which are stored separately from your documents and used with them. 

You can store as many different ones as you like and choose the relevant one for each mailing that you create. 


You can save outer envelopes or business reply envelopes of your own design. 

Account merge tags 

Merge tags are different field settings that can be used across a document.

Take a look at the article on Account Merge Tags. 

Import mappings 

Import mappings map your data, take a look at the article on Import Mappings.

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