Learn how to create backgrounds / letterheads in your library

Backgrounds are PDF files (.pdf), Microsoft Word files (.doc), or Rich Text Format files (.rtf). 

After adding the files, you can select them to use with documents in your Library or documents that you upload from your computer. 

When you choose to use a background, Docmail will place it underneath your document. 

A common use of this feature is to make it look as if your document has been printed onto a letterhead. 

The background that you choose to use must correspond to the document you are creating, for example, you cannot use an A4 background on a postcard. 

Using a background rather than embedding graphics into your document is worthwhile as it can speed up the loading of your on screen proof. 

You can view an existing background, or download it to change it, by selecting it from the library. 

Backgrounds can only be deleted if they are not in use on any documents.

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