Admin Account - Account Section

Learn how to create, manage, and use the account section of Docmail

The Account Admin screens allow you to do everything that you need to manage your account successfully; you can do things like see your invoices, add additional users to your account and set up your account defaults.

The ADMIN page is then broken down into four sub sections;

Mailing / User / Account / Corporate.

Lets looks at Section 3 - Account.

The Account section has four selections: 

Account Details - On this screen you can change your account name, preferences and set default options to suit your mailing needs.

Account Address - This screen is the same as the screen for My Address in the User section, but the details input here are the details that will appear on Docmail invoices, and this can be different to the details in the My Address section. If there are additional users on your account only the primary account holder can edit these.

Additional Users - If you are the primary account holder (i.e. the person who set up the account) you can add additional users to your account. 

These users will be able to see the same documents and address lists as you, and will be able to place orders for mailings on your account, using the balance or by paying by card. 

Permissions for the additional users can be set to give the primary user control over how their account is used. 

Details can also be edited and deleted as necessary at any time

Default Mailing Options - You can create default settings against each product type from this screen. 

This is particularly useful if you want to control the type of mailings that can be created by yourself or additional users. 

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