Account Admin - User Section

Learn how to best manage your account and make the most of the user section.

The Account Admin screens allow you to do everything that you need to manage your account successfully; you can do things like see your invoices, add additional users to your account and set up your account defaults.

The ADMIN page is then broken down into four sub sections;

Mailing / User / Account / Corporate.

Lets looks at Section 2 - User

The User section has just two selections: 

  • My Log In Details
  • My Address

You can click the links and follow the instructions on the screen if you wish to change your User Login ID or Password. 

You can also change other settings including some returns information which you can also update from the Account Details screen. 

The box to allow web service access must be ticked if you are using the Print Driver option. See the Print Driver information on this option.

Personal address details added here will be used for the ‘Add Self’ option on mailings

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